Meet The Team
We are nerds.

Attention to detail. Uncanny memories. Supreme organization. Time management gurus. These are only a few of our amazing qualities. We believe in what we do. Deliver a website with your requirements, creative & dynamic, within an efficient and timely manner? Yes.  And the best part is, we are super friendly. Fantastic!


Owner & Designer

I have spent most of my life around computers and technology.  My older brothers influenced my interest in technology, beginning young with the Atari 2600.  I would build my own PC for fun, while my girlfriends got pedicures.  A lover of science, I studied Wildlife Biology at Humboldt State University.  The draw I have for business, small details & order has propelled me into working with websites. I began with my own ecommerce WordPress custom designed website in 2011, and then building WordPress websites for small business shortly thereafter. However, since 2012, I made the switch and now exclusively work in Squarespace, becoming a huge fan of their platform. I have built personal, portfolio, event, business and eCommerce websites. I believe in the platform and have an extensive background with it. I love designing and managing websites, meeting new people and creating opportunity. Being able to help people discover the possibilities in their futures is a real gift and I am honored to be part of it.


Mr. Junior Developer

I am a web developer, lighting designer, and visual effects artist. I started my career doing lighting for live performances. From there I transitioned into set lighting for video. I soon developed an interest in post-production, primarily editing and video effects. As a freelance VFX artist, I gradually began to incorporate small bits of code into my creative process. Admittedly, I did try to avoid programming at first. Once I began to code I couldn't stop. The more I used it the more useful it became. For me, It taps into that deeply seated human drive to create and build things. The creative potential of coding seems almost limitless. That, I find, is very exciting.


Project Management & Bi-lingual Services

I am your detailed oriented, organized guru. I support in managing projects for Catherine as needed. I am also your solution for bilingual translation. Fluent in Spanish and English, with Spanish as my first language, I can deliver the translation you need for your website. I have studied Chemical Engineering at Cal Poly, tutored Mathematics and Spanish, I volunteer as a teacher and offer bilingual solutions for customers. Let me help you. Estas listo?